Essential Tips For Planting Tulips

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The tulips are beautiful plants with showy flowers.  This flower has been a topic for many Persian poets, often placed in the garden of paradise.  Therefore if you want to make your own paradise in your own garden you should consider planting these amazing flowers, as they will certainly make your garden beautiful and give you a sense of accomplishment when it comes to your gardening skills.


When To Plant Tulips

You should plant your tulips in the autumn.  The best time for planting tulips is in the October or November, considering the climate.  If you live in the area off warmer climates you should plant your tulips later, but it is important that if the temperature of the soil drops below 60° F.

Keep Bulbs In A Refrigerator

It is important that you keep your bulbs cool prior to planting them.  In order to do this you should keep your bulbs in your refrigerator or in some other cool and dry location.  Do not keep them next to apples.  Apples give off ethylene, and ethylene can destroy your tulip bulbs.  Bulbs need to be stored in a cool place before you plant them for at least 12 to 14 weeks.

Place Them In The Shade

Tulips should be planted in a place that receives both sun, but which also has some shade.  Sun is essential four tulips, but today will also want cool soil.  Therefore, you should plant them in a place which only gets the morning sun.  If you live in a place where there is a lot of sun and the climate is hot, you should plant your tulips so that they are in the shade in the afternoon when it is hot.


Choose The Right Planting Soil

You should plant the bulbs in the soil which is sandy, yet well-drained, and has pH of 6 to 6.5.  If your soil is too wet, your tulips will not prosper and flourish.  The soil needs to be neutral to slightly acidic, fertile and the needs to be a little bit sandy, even.  This will keep the soil drained, and ensuring drainage is essential when planting tulips.  You can also make soil more drained by adding pine bark which has been previously shredded, or adding sand.  As for the place of putting the bulb in the ground, you should put them at a depth which is about three times the size of the bulb.  If your bulb seems to be a little bit bigger, that only means its bloom will be bigger, too.  Also you should plant bulbs 6 inches away from each other, or even more, as they need enough of their own soil enough order to grow.  Otherwise, they will take away each other’s nutrients and will not grow the way they are supposed to.  When your plantings your tulips, make sure you plant the pointy end of your tulip up, and proceeds firmly in the ground.  These flowers are known to for their rapid multiplication, and in a couple of years you will get a family of tulips.


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